Awards Programs

Get recognition for your achievements and capitalize on the high visibility of our two prestigious awards, the Award for Excellence (available to NJBIA members in four categories) and the New Good Neighbor Award, which is open to all New Jersey-based companies.

The Awards for Excellence annually honors a select group of companies whose energy and vision has resulted in exceptional achievements in four award categories: Environmental Quality, Business Success, Outstanding Employer, and Public Service.

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The New Good Neighbor Awards annually recognize the best and most exciting commercial and industrial development projects in the state of New Jersey. Winners are chosen based on economic benefit and job creation, architectural merit, and community involvement. Plants, offices and commercial buildings, plus shopping centers may be nominated. Nominate a company. The nomination period closes Feb. 3, 2017 and the Good Neighbor Awards will be presented at a reception in July.

See our past winners:

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New Good Neighbor Awards 2015
New Good Neighbor Awards 2014
New Good Neighbor Awards 2013
New Good Neighbor Awards 2012
New Good Neighbor Awards 2011
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