Tell us how Sandy has impacted you

As New Jersey continues to dig out from the damage done by Superstorm Sandy, we at NJBIA are doing everything we can to help our members get back on their feet. 

We have been gathering information on disaster recovery programs and distributing it to our members with regular email updates. We have also created a Hurricane Sandy website dedicated to providing the latest information on disaster recovery, and we are updating it several times a day.

To better help our members in this difficult time, NJBIA is gathering information on businesses impacted by the storm. This information will be used to help in the development of a database and allow NJBIA to follow-up with your business as new programs or services are developed and become available. We are also asking our members who were not affected by the Hurricane if there are any services or assistance that they can offer companies (or individuals) that are in need.

Please fill out the brief form online.

Your replies will help us get businesses the help they need in the coming weeks and months.