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NJBIA Payroll Practice Pitfalls (PP17) Seminar Materials (02/27/17)

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$45.00 NJBIA Payroll Practice Pitfalls (PP17) Seminar Materials (02/27/17)

  • Introduction
  • the payroll practice pitfalls seminar was held on monday, february 27, 2017.  if you were unable to attend, you can order the attendee packet here.


    here is a brief description of the seminar:

    an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay…if only it were that easy! with uncertainty surrounding overtime standards and industries getting audited simply because they use freelancers, payroll can be a scary topic. at this seminar, you’ll learn the legal basics of payroll administration, how to ensure your workers are properly classified, which deductions are legal, and how to maintain audit-proof records.


    price: $45 - members only

    for more information, contact njbia’s member action center at or 1-800-499-4419, select option '3'.

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